Illinois Basset Alcohol Certification
(Basset Alcohol Training)

The Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training (BASSET) program is the state of Illinois' seller/server training program. The program is an educational and training tool to sellers/servers of alcoholic beverages to serve responsibly and stay within the law.

The BASSET Certification Program serves as a preventive measure to discourage over consumption and keep drunk drivers off the roads.

Professional Bartending Schools of America makes obtaining your Illinois Basset Certification and license simple and hassle free.

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On Premise Course Is For Bars, Restaurants, Hotels. - Drinks by the glass.
Liquor, Convenience and Grocery Stores MUST take the OFF Premise Course

Our online Learn2Serve Basset training course has been approved in Illinois by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission and fully complies with their requirements. Our Basset License is #5A-0062851.

Our course is 100% online, fast, secure and 24 hour telephone support is available if needed.

 Follow these easy steps below to receive your certification.

  1. Enroll in our Basset Alcohol Training On-Premise class (for bars and restaurants) by clicking on the red "$14.95 Enroll Now" button above.
  2. Verify your course chosen. "On Premise" if you work in a bar or restaurant. "Off Premise" if you work in a liquor, convenience or grocery store.
  3. Click the "Checkout and Proceed" button in the lower right hand corner. 
  4. Complete the registration process.
  5. Complete the Basset Alcohol training course online.
  6. Print your certification immediately.
  7. Receive your original certificate by mail in 3-5 business days.

     Basset Certification by Learn2Serve

Our Basset course is created by and Basset approved through Learn2Serve.

Who Should Be Certified?
Anyone who serves alcohol in the State of Illinois should take this training and receive their certification (license).

Bar Backs
Liquor Store Clerks - MUST take the OFF Premise Course

How Do I Get Certified?

Follow these easy steps below to take your Basset alcohol training and receive your Basset certification.

Enroll in our class by clicking on the red "$14.95 Enroll Now" button above.
Complete the Illinois Basset alcohol course online.
Print your certification immediately.
Receive your original certificate by mail.

BASSET training is not mandatory in the State of Illinois, however some municipalities in Our Basset Certification Training Course is provided by Learn2Servethe State of Illinois do require BASSET training. You are advised to check your local ordinances to see if it is required that in order to be employed at a liquor establishment, you must attend BASSET training.

Our Basset certification course has been approved additionally by the cities of Chicago and Schaumburg.

Many businesses voluntarily send their staff to get trained to equip them with the skills necessary to prevent any alcohol-related mishaps.

The ILCC encourages voluntary participation in seller/server training courses. BASSET training can also reduce an establishments' liquor liability insurance.

What this means to you as a liquor-serving employee is that you not only receive protection in the event of an alcohol-involved incident, but you will become more hireable by these quality companies since you will already be certified by a program that is approved through the Illinois Liquor Control Commission Basset program.

We know you have a tough schedule and that's why we're the only provider offering live 24-hour help to make sure you don't waste time if you’re in need of technical assistance.

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